General Considerations

About how many paper records are you thinking about converting?

Paper records are often organized in file folder or binders. Are all the paper records organized in a common manner? If not, in how many different manners are the paper records organized? Please describe each manner of organization and their frequency.

Can the paper records be shipped to Oklahoma City for conversion? How will the paper records be grouped for transfer for shipment? If the records can’t be released for shipment, how are their presently stored and organized?

On average, how many times per day will you need to access the paper records?

How are the paper records labeled? Is a unique identifier present on the outside of each paper record? If yes, please describe in detail.

Is your office going to provide an inventory of paper records to be converted?

Is your office going to provide a database extract with values such as employee number, name, SSN, or other identifying information?


Scanning Considerations

Is anything other than sheets of paper filed in the paper records? If yes, please detail what other types of things are in the paper records and their frequencies.

What varying sizes of sheets of paper are filed in the paper records and their frequencies?

What is the general condition of the paper records?

What percentage of paper document exhibit less than good legibility?

What is the percentage of the filed sheets of paper that contain information on the backs of pages?

On average, how many sheets of paper comprise a paper record?

On average, how many documents comprise a paper record?

On average, how many sheets of paper comprise a document within a paper records?

What types and frequencies of fasteners (i.e., staples, paper clips, rubber bands, binders, and such) are present in the paper records?

Do we have to reattach removed fasteners?

Is bitonal, greyscale, or color scanning required? If greyscale or color scanning is required, under what conditions is each scanning mode used?


Indexing Information

Is both folder level and document level indexing required?

What indexing fields do you plan to use for document retrieval?

How many document type values will be used to identify documents?

Will documents be indexed by effective date of the transaction?

What other indexing values are required for each document?


Image Processing Information

Are there any special image processing requirements or standards regarding the de-skewing, cropping, enhancement, re-sizing, rotation, and/or endorsing of the scanned images?


Quality Control Information

What is your standard for image quality?

What is your standard for indexing?

How much time does your office require to perform inspection and acceptance of delivered images and indexes?

How many images and indexes per day can your office inspect?