Microfilm Conversion Services

GET Imaging converts microfilm into digital images. Our customers and industry use many different terms when describing the process of converting microfilm into digital images, such as scanning, digitizing, imaging and computerizing apertures. At GET Imaging, we simply call it microfilm conversion services.

GET Imaging converts both 16mm and 35mm microfilm. We convert microfilm spooled on rolls, reels, and cartridges.

GET Imaging converts our customers’ microfilm into electronic images, creating digitized versions of the source filmed images. The computerized versions of the scanned microfilm are commonly stored as TIFF, JPEG, or PDF files. When scanning microfilm, GET Imaging typically creates (i) bitonal TIFF or PDF files or (ii) grayscale JPEG or PDF files.

GET Imaging uses the industry’s best scanners and imaging software to enhance the digitized microfilm images. We read and report any blip marks or filmed codes. We automatically and manually apply indexes to the scanned images, creating digital documents. We perform quality control reviews to ensure our customers’ satisfaction.

GET Imaging delivers digital microfilm on CD ROM disks, DVD disks, external hard drives, or via the Internet. Our customers can access the converted microfilm from the delivery media or upload the scanned images to their document management systems.

Our customers access the imaged microfilm online, eliminating the need to use or maintain microfilm reader printers or scanners. Many customers destroy the physical copies of the microfilm once the microfilm conversion project is completed.

Why should you consider converting your microfilm records? Your digitized microfilm will require little to no physical storage space, you can access the digital images online, and easily electronically backup the digital images.

How much will it cost to convert your microfilm? Prices are dependent upon factors associated specifically with your project. A list of factors is posted on the FAQ page of this website. Contact GET Imaging and we’ll discuss your project and provide you with ballpark pricing with no obligation.

Let GET Imaging convert your microfilm into digital ones, solving your storage, access, and redundancy problems. Send us a few sample microfilm so we can show you what GET Imaging has been doing for decades… digitizing our customers’ microfilm.

Once we agree on a plan for your microfilm conversion project…send us your microfilm; we’ll perform the conversion and deliver the digital results. It’s fast, affordable, and hassle-free, giving you the documents you need just a click away. Join the thousands of customers that trust GET Imaging with their microfilm conversions, and get back to what you do best. No project is too large or too small, so contact us today and GET Imaging!

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